Our Engagement Models

Edgware offers multiple engagement and delivery models to meet varied needs of its clients across the globe which ensures their competitive advantages in a changing market place. Clients can choose from the models offered based on the size, complexity and delivery requirements of the project. We can also present you customized models based on your requirements.

Edgware follows a Fixed Price Model for the projects that are specifically defined in terms of their requirements, schedules, and project path. This model is preferred by the clients who have a clear project scope available with them at the onset of the project, along with the detailed Software Requirements Specifications (SRS). This model is suitable for small or mid size projects. Under this model, we work with our client to define the required output at mutually agreed fixed price based on efforts involved. The procedure and cost of Fixed Price Model are specified below:


On receiving SRS from the client, Edgware solutions provide an estimate on the time and cost of the project to the client. Once both parties are convinced about the association, we can start off immediately.


The cost or payment depends on the project size. Some payment is made in advance, some at the delivery of the project, and remaining after user level testing and acceptance. For big projects, the tasks specified in SRS are divided into modules known as milestones. The payment is made as per milestone and the time required to complete each milestone.

Sub-Model: Milestone-based Billing

This option works best with the clients who are concerned about movement in offshore projects and especially for those who are outsourcing for first time. Milestones-based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring. It helps justify payment based on achievable milestone and visible progress.

Edgware follows Time and Material Model for the projects where scope, specifications, and implementation plans are not clearly defined at the initial stage of its development. This model enables the client to change the specifications based on the upcoming market trends.

Time and Material Model is suitable for the scalable projects where the team size and total efforts can not be estimated in advance. It provides the flexibility to manage the team size and total efforts.

This model follows a strict project management and reporting practices where task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly basis for each person working on the project.

Under this Model, we work hand in hand with our client for the execution of end-to-end project. We follow SCRUM (An agile development methodology) to develop the projects following Time and Material Model. In this methodology, we plan a phase/sprint that consists of certain tasks to be done in accordance with the client's priority and deliver it in a defined time line. After completing this phase, we plan another phase/sprint for another task in the priority list. The time line for a phase/sprint varies from 15 days to one month depending upon the overall project size.


To get the Time and Material Model, the client needs to specify the task and period of time for the project. Based on this, we specify the rates (hourly fee) charged for the efforts of the resources to the client. Once the client is satisfied with our rates, we sign a contract with him.


The cost of the project depends on the team size and the efforts of each team member. The payment for the provided efforts is usually made on the basis of monthly or bi-weekly invoice issued to the client depending on the effort reports. Under this model, the payment is done in advance just as in case of Dedicated Resource Model. The only difference is that we charge advance for a full month in Dedicated Resource Model whereas In Time and Material Model, payment schedule depends upon the duration of the phase.

Edgware offers Dedicated Resource Model to the clients, when they have continuous requirement for a resource on a particular technology. We provide a dedicate resource to the client, who acts as his virtual employee. When the client has the requirement for a team, we offer him a dedicated team. This team is always available for his project even at a short notice.

The dedicated resource is dedicated exclusively to the client's work and provides 180 hours of working in a month. The resource will follow the client's work policies and development methodology.

Edgware associate a project leader with every dedicated resource or team for which we do not charge anything from the client. The project leader has an experience of 5-6 years in software development and project management. On this way, the client will get the advantages that the project is being executed under the close guidance of a senior resource. And he will acquire the skills of more than two people paying for a single person..

The procedure, trial period, and cost of Fixed Price Model are specified below:


To get the Dedicated Resource Model, the client needs to send us a request contact@edgwaretechnologies.com with the requirement specifications. On receiving the request, our Business Development Team will get back within 1 business day. Once both parties are convinced about the partnership, we can start off immediately.

Trial Period

Edgware offers a 7-15 days trial period to test the services. The client is required to pay at the end of the trial only if he is satisfied with our services and wants to continue working with us. Once the client is satisfied, we can enter into a full fledged contract with him.

Edgware offers Onsite Model depending on the clients requirements. The client can specify the skill sets and experience level of the resources required by him. The client can also specify the number of resources and the duration for which the resources are required.

This model is suitable for the projects that are complex and require proper and constant attention. In Onsite Model, our team works at the client's location under the direct supervision of client's manager.


To get the Onsite resource(s), the client needs to specify the requirements, such as skill sets, experience level, number of resources, and duration. Based on these requirements, we identify the resources and forward their resumes to the client. The client can conduct their interview. Once the client is satisfied with the resources, we will make arrangements to send them at the client site.


The payment is made on monthly basis and in advance every month. We will give a customized quote to the client depending on the following factors:

  • Skill sets of the resources
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Faster, iterative and progressive deliveries
  • Better Solution
  • Flexibility in requirement submission